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Our real-time inventory management & warehousing software allows seamless interaction among accounting, shipping, and ordering systems. Distribution team members are equipped with WiFi scanners that link directly to the software. All transactions are digitally tracked ​and recorded, ensuring your product is handled quickly and correctly.

We are also equipped to manage your Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). EDI allows quick transmission of order and shipping details, inventory levels and more, reducing labor costs, speeding productivity and increasing your sales. Moreover, an increasing number of retailers are requiring EDI as a term of doing business.

To keep you informed about your business, we offer custom reporting. We can work with you on any item-level detail that you need, whether it be inventory or sales related.

In order to meet the widely varied needs of retailers and to add an additional level of service, we offer the following:

Custom SKU/UPC creation

Custom product labeling/ticketing

Customer data access portal

Custom reporting

Warehouse worker using scanner.

We can also provide eCommerce fulfillment services, not limited to the following:

Shopify website development, in conjunction with our digital marketing partner

Shopify back-end management, including order management, shipping, and customer experience services

Subscription box management and fulfillment

What can we do to help you with your technological needs?

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