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Packaging & Design

Current industry trends show that retailers are demanding fewer and fewer touch-points associated with getting products onto their sales floor plans. We were ahead of this trend years ago and have been constantly refining and enhancing our offering of retail displays. In addition, our strong partnerships with our corrugated suppliers allow us to provide these units at a very reasonable cost.

Here are some facts about our lineup of corrugated displays:

Displays can be shipped assembled and pre-packed or separate from product

Product can be packaged to meet your needs, including cold-seal, blister and clamshell packaging

We offer a number of customized displays, including half-pallets, full-pallets and PDQs

We will work with you on targeted promotional designs, including seasonal and branded marketing, as shaped by your product and your customer

abstract blur in supermarket for background

We locally source custom displays and product labels, to allow quick turnaround of your promotions

Corrugate displays are produced with a focus on ease of assembly and to also maximize cube space when shipping, utilizing the ability to double-stack them

We have in-house labeling and scanning machinery to maximize product ticketing speed and accuracy

All displays are made with 100% recycled board

Customized example of a CD display box.
Customized floor stand display for children's' books.
Example of customized graphic designed display box.
Customized upright DVD display stand.

What can we do to help you with your packaging and design needs?

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