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If you have a great product but are challenged with getting it distributed effectively, partner with American Distribution Services (ADS) to achieve an efficient product flow, precise shipment execution, and increased profitability. We are your reliable one-stop-shop for all picking, packing, shipping and storage needs.

You can rely on us at American Distribution Services to give you the quality storage and distribution services you need. Our goal is to take distribution challenges out of your hands, allowing you to focus solely on meeting your customers’ needs and scaling your business.

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With such a variety of “3PL” providers in the marketplace, how do we stand out amongst the rest? The answer is that we’re simply not a standard third-party logistics company. We are much more than that.

We think of ourselves as a solution that is “an integrator that assembles the resources, capabilities, and technology of its own organization and those of its business partners to design, build, and execute comprehensive supply chain solutions.” Essentially, we function as both an architect and a general contractor, adding value from initial product design to managing production resources and facilitating distribution.

We provide significant benefits to our clients, starting with a dramatic simplification of the supply chain processes via a single point of contact. Utilizing our market-proven network of trusted resources, we deliver outstanding quality and create economies of scale for maximum cost-effectiveness and speed – and those efficiencies are passed along to you as cost savings. When you include end-to-end services and powerful technologies that take projects from concept to delivery, it all adds up to one thing: Smart Business.

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