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What is Brokerage Logistics?

ABCO Logistics is a newly established sister company of American Distribution Services. ABCO Logistics was born out of necessity to handle the logistics of American Distribution to help facilitate shipments quickly and efficiently to all 48 contiguous states. 

In a previous blog, we’ve introduced who ABCO Logistics is with a brief explanation of what we do and how we work with American Distribution to better provide for our customers. In this blog, we will dive deeper into what brokerage logistics is and how it can help your company, whether you’re on the shipping or receiving side. 

Logistics brokers act as the middleman between shippers and carriers. Shippers need to move their products, and carriers (the trucking companies) are the ones who do so. Brokers work with both sides to ensure that each side gets the best deal possible; brokers help shippers get the best price on deliveries while also ensuring that the carriers limit futile miles, helping the drivers and the truck itself. 

While many companies can handle one side or the other, having a middleman who talks to both sides and knows intimate details of the entire process will help everything go smoother and more efficiently. You’ll no longer have to worry about what the other side is doing or if you’re getting a reasonable price; we handle the communication and provide transparent details with each side to ensure that everyone is comfortable with the plans and results. There’s no longer a need to worry about missed communication, changes in the plans, or anything else that can (and will) come up during the process – we will handle it all for you. 

We know the dollar sign is essential to our customers, but we also know that that is just the starting point. We look beyond the pricing to ensure that successful relationships and partnerships are formed. We know how tough it can be to make moves in this industry and how much it changes. We stay at the forefront of advancements or changes, including COVID troubles, economic fluctuations, and more, to make sure that your business can continue as usual and thrive through the struggles many others experience. We watch the trends and keep up with the changes to provide better options and more support for our customers. 

At ABCO Logistics, we pride ourselves on keeping costs low and processes straightforward, and we always go above and beyond to exceed our customers’ expectations. We have a vested interest in our customers’ satisfaction and success, so we build relationships focused on trust, commitment, transparency, and communication. 

We are confident that we can help any company that needs it. We’re here to make your shipments and job more manageable. If that sounds like something your business could benefit from, call us. We can talk through our process in more detail as we connect you with a more diverse network of equipment and options for your transportation needs.