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Three Steps to a Smoother 2023

Did you know that 70% of goods traveling across the country travel by truck? The new year brings fresh challenges to logistics, so as the US continues to battle inflation and rising costs of fuel, insurance, and transportation, we look at three ways you can avoid supply chain headaches in 2023.

1. Keep a Finger on the Pulse of Consumer Trends

Stay alert to consumer trends and spending forecasts, and communicate everything with your brokers and carriers.

The COVID-19 pandemic was a lynchpin for shifts in markets. In 2021, while lockdowns were still in place, consumers’ buying habits gravitated towards solid (and often big ticket) items, such as furniture and electronics. The rush of demand leaned heavily on the transportation industry, which struggled to keep up with orders. The market has now seen another shift as consumers move towards short-term products, such as food, or spending on services or experiences. This change has eased the strain somewhat on transportation across the country, allowing carriers to update their fleets, and regroup.

Spending on ‘curated experiences’ is expected to increase in 2023, and, despite inflation, overall household spending is anticipated to remain high. Staying ahead of these behavior patterns is crucial for your shipping forecasts and planning. With reliable market data, supply chain management can economize where needed and maximize output to greater effect.

2. Encourage Flexibility in Logistics

Favor transparent communication when it comes to setting delivery schedules

Ensure all project members share the exact expectations, allowing room for adjustments. In terms of equipment, if your carrier knows it has flexible leeway for what can be used, you might find a faster turnaround on your shipment. 

Costs, consumer habits, and supply chain deliverables are in flux, so staying agile is vital. Build your strategy with a view to last-minute shifts and changes.

3. Save Time and Costs by Relying on a Trusted Carrier

Identifying a reliable carrier is the ultimate time and cost-saving exercise and will help mitigate supply chain disruptions

Supply chain management is a rapidly turning wheel, and you don’t want to have to put extra hours into ensuring that your shipment is in the right hands. A freight broker will ensure that your shipment travels with reputable drivers, maintains all the communication channels along the process, and provides you with an up-to-date fleet outfitted with trackers and enhanced security measures. Despite the market changes, carriers are still facing extremely high demand. So you can help carriers facilitate your needs by making your shipment as easy to transport as possible. Ease the load by clearly communicating with your logistics providers, being precise in instructions, and ensuring that your shipment is as easy to load as possible using industry-standard packaging.  

Unpredictability has been a common theme throughout the previous three years, which doesn’t look likely to change any time soon. For this reason, staying agile, investing in preparation, and relying on reputable carriers and brokers to keep your business moving and your customers satisfied is essential. Contact us to learn how we can help make your 2023 easier.