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3 Benefits of Using a Logistics Broker

Logistics brokers aren’t new, but many companies still don’t utilize them. They think they can handle the work independently and don’t want to include a third-party helper. We’re here to bust that myth and explain the benefits of using a logistics broker to help your business, whether you’re on the shipping or carrier side. 

They can operate from anywhere in the world. 

Certain restrictions are placed on shipping companies simply because of their location. In addition, many carriers (trucking companies) can only drive in their designated districts. This limits the options for both sides, but it doesn’t have to. Working with a logistics brokerage company can work around the geographical restrictions and find a solution that works for both sides. For example, if your product can’t get to the west coast because of carrier restrictions, the brokerage company will find a west coast carrier able to take the delivery. 

They handle all communication.

During each transaction with your broker, you will tell them your requirements, and they will handle the rest. For example, you won’t need to call the trucking company if the shipment is delayed; your broker will handle it for you. You don’t need to keep an eye on the route, your broker will handle it for you. You don’t need to ensure payment was accepted at the time of delivery, your broker will handle it for you. These three instances happen with every transaction, and when you use a logistics broker, they are no longer something you need to worry about. Logistics brokers make the transition seamless and keep you informed of the necessary information, not every detail along the way.

They help with claims. 

When carriers work independently, they become fully responsible for their product once they sign the contract and bill-of-lading. The BOL lists the items in transit, their condition (usually new or good), and the fact that all product was loaded correctly and securely. They own full responsibility in the event of lost or damaged goods and would be responsible if something happened. When you use a logistics broker, they can handle a claim for you. The broker doesn’t accept liability for the damaged or lost items, but their team of claims experts can help with liability restrictions, proper claim filing procedures, and all rights and responsibilities of the driver and their company. This can help limit fees and ensure you are better protected. 

Using a logistics brokerage company is the best way to help your company. They can operate from anywhere in the world, they handle all communication so that you don’t have to, and they can step in when legal action is needed. There are many benefits to having a broker on your side, but these are the top three reasons that most companies partner up. At ABCO Logistics, we are here to help in all of these ways and more. Reach out to us to see how a partnership can help your business.