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How Reliable Distribution Can Impact Your Business

We’ve all had that moment around the holidays – we’re anxiously tracking a package, watching where it goes, wondering why it went from Memphis to Washington DC to Atlanta to Knoxville, hoping it gets here in time for Christmas. Over the last two holiday seasons, this has been a particularly prevalent problem and it highlights the importance of reliable distribution for businesses, not only during the holidays but year-round. 

According to a Statista study, U.S. businesses spent $1.63 trillion on logistics in 2019, moving goods from origin to end-user through various supply chain network segments. 

Successful distribution requires very careful attention to detail from planning stages to packaging to warehousing to the eventual distribution. 

Here are several of the benefits of excellent distribution services that demonstrate how important it is at each stage from the business to the consumer. 

  • Attention to detail. When you’re moving goods from one location to another, it’s all about the details. If you miss one, the whole process gets thrown out of whack – products could be packed improperly, packages can be misplaced, or delivered to the wrong locations resulting in delayed or undelivered products and upset customers.
  • Visibility. For both the business and the consumer, visibility is crucial in controlling costs, spotting supply chain problems, and gaining insights into opportunities.
  • Improved customer experience. Great distribution allows companies to track movements and current locations so stock won’t be misplaced or diverted without notice. 
  • Competitive edge. Delivering orders correctly and on time is a foundational element in the customer satisfaction experience. Don’t lose customers to your competitors because they’ve figured out the proper way to distribute their goods while you haven’t. 

At American Distribution, we pride ourselves as an industry leader servicing retail, wholesale, and eCommerce clients. We take the hassle out of managing your supply chain and add the service, value, and quality you demand – all in one place. With attention to detail and visibility, we can help you deliver a competitive edge and improved customer experience to all your customers. So, this holiday season, as we all sit and watch tracking updates with a little more frequency, take a moment to appreciate the value of extraordinary distribution services.