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Displays for the Holiday Season

As we’ve mentioned before, many consumers start their holiday shopping before Halloween, so if you haven’t started planning yet, it’s time to get started. One area of focus in holiday planning is displays. A lot of customers don’t think twice about displays, but retailers know their importance.

A successful holiday display can only be successful if all pieces work together. You can have amazing products, but if you don’t have a good way to show them off, many consumers will not notice or buy them. 

The holiday season accounts for hundreds of billions of dollars countrywide. These numbers would be remarkably lower if customers couldn’t successfully find, look at, and ultimately buy products on display.  

One of our core services is building, creating, and shipping displays. While these are used year-round, we know the importance of proper and functional displays during the holiday season. Oftentimes, they are decorated; sometimes, they are larger to accommodate more products; and other times, you just need more of them. Whatever your specific case may be, it’s important to understand how big of an impact displays can have on your holiday product and your revenue. 

We always work with our customers to ensure that seasonal marketing pieces fit your product and make sense for your customer. All of our displays are made with 100% recycled board and they can be shipped assembled and pre-packed or separate from the product. Our displays are always packaged to meet the needs of our customers – whether that is cold-seal, blister, or clamshell packaging. 

We know that displays should show off your product, the real star of the show. With that being said, we also know that you want to spend your time creating a perfect display, not physically putting one together. Our corrugated displays are produced with a focus on ease of assembly so that you can spend time on what matters most – showing off your great products. Find out even more great features about our displays and design services here

Prep for Success This Holiday Season

A successful holiday season starts months in advance. Our display, design, and packaging services can help this holiday season be your most profitable to date. If we can help you this holiday season and beyond, reach out to us for more information and a quote. We’d love to help your holiday season be a successful, fun, and beautiful one.