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How Are Rising Fuel Prices Impacting the Supply Chain?

Several factors are working against the supply chain right now, but the cost of fuel continues to have a considerable impact. While conversations around fuel prices aren’t new, in 2022 the price of gas in the US broke previous records, coming in at an average

A New Year Driving New Opportunities

At American Distribution, our drivers are valued team members, and we rely on them to get goods where they need to go. If you’re looking for a new opportunity in 2023, consider becoming part of the American Distribution family.

Three Steps to a Smoother 2023

Did you know that 70% of goods traveling across the country travel by truck? The new year brings fresh challenges to logistics, so as the US continues to battle inflation and rising costs of fuel, insurance, and transportation, we look at three ways you can

Top Freight Transportation Challenges and How We Help Solve Them

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted significant challenges facing the US transportation and logistics sector. In 2022, shipping and trucking were presented with numerous obstacles (some new and others all too familiar), which, according to the experts, will likely remain as we head into 2023.  Here are

working with 3pl

Working With a Distribution Company

What is 3PL? Third-party logistics, or 3PL as it’s usually abbreviated, provides a series of services for outsourced logistics. Over the last two years, we’ve heard the phrase “supply chain problems” more times than anyone has probably ever heard in their lives. 3PL helps manage

logistics specialist working in a warehouse

Types of Logistics

Logistics is often lumped together with various supply chain-related terms like distribution, operations, and more, but as we’ve clarified in a previous blog, logistics is its own realm. Today, we will dive into the three types of logistics previously mentioned to understand better what logistics