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Our Smart Storage Solutions

A big part of the distribution for any company is being able to actually store your products in the first place. Having a safe and high-quality storage location gives you peace of mind knowing that your goods will be protected and kept in perfect condition before being shipped out to your customers. We, at American Distribution Services, pride ourselves on offering one of the best facilities and inventory management systems to meet all of our clients’ warehousing needs.

We offer tens of thousands of WiFi-controlled storage locations so that you can monitor your stock in real-time. With over 1,000,000 square feet of space and 40 dock doors, our facility is large enough to handle vast amounts of stock for many of our clients. We know the importance of proper storage, so we never cut corners when it comes to making sure that all of your products are securely stored within our facility. Our team of over 400 employees is experienced in storing, handling, and shipping your products.  

Our real-time inventory management system is set up so that you can monitor your inventory and stock at all times. Additionally, our software can even track your sales and shipments, giving you a better idea of how your products are moving. When you’re able to better track your inventory, it allows your company to make more informed decisions about how much product to purchase. Investing in a smart storage partner will save you money in the long run because you’ll be able to make more effective predictions based on the changes in your stock levels. 

We work with each of our clients on an individualized basis to make sure that all of their needs are met. Our spacious facility offers clients the ability to store large amounts of products that are handled by our trained employees. Our inventory management system means that your company can monitor stock levels at any time and make smarter decisions when it comes to purchasing your supply. If you have a unique storage situation or have any questions about our system, feel free to get in contact with us or visit our website for more information.