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American Distribution’s ‌Logistics‌ ‌Services‌ ‌ ‌

When your supply chain is maximized, you can improve shipping times, create better customer relationships, and maintain a professional reputation, all without reducing costs. At American Distribution Services, we make it our goal to manage every aspect of your supply chain without sacrificing service, value, or quality. Our logistics resources paired with a knowledgeable team allow us to provide the best service possible for all of our clients. Discover a few of the logistical services we offer and how they can benefit the distribution process of your company.

Personalized Shipping Solutions

No matter what your shipping situation is, we can work with you to personalize a solution. We offer expedited services for any time-sensitive deliveries that need to make it to the customer as soon as possible. American Distribution Services also has its own in-house freight brokerage and truck fleet which allows us to cater to your business’ unique needs. Our team works hard to ensure that your orders ship quickly and arrive on time. 

Strategic Alliances

We believe that building strong relationships with carriers is key to a successful supply chain. Our routine distribution success and commitment to meeting clients’ expectations has allowed us to develop partnerships with FedEx, UPS, and USPS for any small package shipment needs. By creating alliances with these logistics experts, you can be confident that your products are in good hands.

Affordable Transportation Network

We work with major freight carriers to secure volume rate quotes for your shipments in order to keep costs low. Rate quotes are available for both TL and LTL shipments. Through the integration of the latest technology like Kuebix® TMS, we can track your customers’ orders from start to finish which allows us to help you reduce costs in the long run. 

With over 20 years of industry experience with some of the top retailers in the world, American Distribution Services has the business knowledge and logistics skills to guide you through the distribution process. Our team handles everything from transportation to carrier relations to ensure that there’s no stress on your end. To learn more about the logistics resources we offer, visit our website