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A New Year Driving New Opportunities

Why work for American Distribution?

American Distribution believes in a healthy balance between time on the road and at home. Our drivers are valued members of the team, so we ensure that they get paid holidays, paid vacations, and flexible schedules. We offer medical benefits and life insurance to ensure that our drivers have extra peace of mind on the roads. Plus, when you’re driving one of our new vehicles (no older than 2019), you’ll be paid on all miles, whether or not you’re carrying a load! That’s all about us, but what about you? Read on to learn more about what we’re looking for in our drivers.

What skills are we looking for in American Distribution drivers?

We value our clients and employees equally, which is why we hire drivers with the right skills to get the job done reliably. As a driver for American Distribution you can spend long hours out on the road at the helm of a vehicle, which is why we look for employees with the right skills to get the job done reliably. Here’s what we look for in our drivers:


The dry van truck drivers can travel across the contiguous United States, and this time out on long stretches of the open road requires focus. We look for drivers who can maintain focus on the task at hand, and maintain awareness of their surroundings and routes, as well as the safety of themselves and their cargo.

Safe Driving Skills

The safety of our drivers out on the road is of paramount importance to us at American Distribution. For this reason, we only employ drivers with clean driving records and no history of erratic or reckless driving. We also avoid instances where drivers have been involved in any of the following:

  • A hit-and-run incident
  • A driver has failed to report an accident
  • A driver has broken serious traffic laws in the last three years

We trust in our drivers to keep the roads safe and believe in their ability to do so.

Time Management

Our supply chain relies on goods and services being delivered on a tight schedule, American Distribution looks for good time management skills among its employees. We rely on our drivers to deliver their loads to our warehouses and customers on schedule. So, we need you to manage your time effectively, including meal and bathroom breaks. You must also factor in your Hours of Service (HOS) – the maximum number of hours drivers can work and be on the road. For example, under the HOS, drivers must take a break for 30 minutes after eight hours of continuous driving. Additionally, you need to consider other circumstances which could delay your journey, such as flat tires or traffic on your route.  

Personal Skills

The American Distribution team is a family, and we want our drivers to be part of that family. So, we look for people who will be team players, who will work well alongside their colleagues, and who value our pillars of respect and appreciation. As we say, our employees are a name, not a number, and we want that feeling to be mutual. You will be working for, and with a diverse group of individuals from many different backgrounds, so we look for drivers that embrace inclusivity and respect the differences of others at all times. 

How to become a CDL Driver at American Distribution

If this sounds exciting and you can’t wait to jumpstart your career at American Distribution, complete the application form here. We have specific requirements for all our drivers, so please read the form carefully, and ensure that you meet all the regulations. Some of these requirements are: 

  • At least 24 years of age
  • You must produce a valid social security card and an up-to-date medical card
  • You must have a valid Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) in your primary state of residence
  • You must be able to pass the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Controlled Substance and Alcohol Testing
  •  Must be free of felony charges, including drug and alcohol-related violations, for the previous five years 
  • You must be eligible to drive in all lower 48 U.S. states

Find out more, and how to complete your application here. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to welcoming you into the American Distribution family!